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School board to try again to sell house students built, works on budget, new roofs
The Antigo school board will try again to sell its student-built house, now located on the grounds of the high school.

Director of Business Services Mary Jo Filbrandt told the board of education Tuesday that the house, constructed by high school students over the course of the school year, failed to collect any bids following its first open house at the close of the school year.

Another round of open houses will be scheduled in July, she said, and local financial institutions and real estate businesses may also step forward with some advertisements and incentives.

Minimum bid is $49,000.

The board, working smoothly together since its reorganization at the end of April, moved through a lengthy agenda in about 90 minutes, with many items reflecting end-of-year business revolving around budgeting and personnel issues. On decisions came on unanimous votes of the nine-member panel.

The board accepted the $89,970 low bid of Kitsemble Exteriors for reroofing North Elementary School with the stipulation that the business provide proof of insurance and a performance bond within one week. If that requirement is not met, the job will go to the next lowest bidder, Tradewell Construction, at $97,000.

District Administrator Dr. Don Childs said the work, one of five roofing projects underway, must be completed in a timely manner.

“We need to have that project completed by the start of the school year,” he stressed.

Through a series of motions, the board closed the books on the 2013-14 school year, and looked ahead to 2014-15.

The district is ending the fiscal year with a $285,679 in the black, earmarking those funds for high school and East Elementary roof repairs, a new elementary math curriculum, an asbestos abatement at Crestwood Elementary School.

Filbrandt briefly reviewed aspects of the 2014-15 budget, with final adoption expected in August. The June status report indicates a net total budget of $31,095,406, a decline of $293,479 from the current year.

Total General Fund budget, which includes most accounts financed through the property tax levy, is $25,437,666, an increase of $569,623.

“In July we will have all the details in place for preliminary approval,” Filbrandt said.

She noted that the budget isn’t balanced, reflecting the $400,000 taken from the fund balance for the school upgrades, but “we’re in fairly good shape.”

Due to federal requirements, the board also raised student lunch prices for 2014-15, increasing all meals by 10 cents each.

The new costs will be $2.05 for elementary, $2.30 for Middle School and $2.55 and $2.70 for high school.

The price hike is mandated by the federal price equity tool calculation, which states that free and reduced price meal reimbursements can’t support paid meals.

In personnel matters, the board approved the resignations of Alexandra Esser, German; Anna DesJarlais, cross categorical special education; and Jennifer Holmes, North Elementary library clerk.

Hirings included:

—Trisha Wille, first grade, North Elementary.

—Jessica Schaewe, four-year-old kindergarten, Middle School.

—Alan Koeller, special education, Middle School.

—Mandy Timmers, math, high school.

—Cheryl Lipori, elementary art.

—Molleen O’Brien, first grade, North.

—Kathryn Messer, second shift housekeeping, high school.

—Kelly Rank, housekeeper, aquatic center.

Kandie Gallagher, special education, Middle School.

—Kelsey Noskowiak, fifth grade, Spring Valley.

Following discussion, the board revised its working structure, establishing two standing committees to deal with policy issues and community relations and communication. All other issues will be reviewed by the full board of education meeting monthly as a committee of the whole.

The restructuring was recommended by Childs, who said it will assure all board members are engaged in the accountability aspects of the district, while easing the length of the regular monthly business meetings.

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