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Class of 2014 graduates Saturday at White Lake, first in new complex
Members of the White Lake graduating class of 2014 will long remember the day tassels were turned and diplomas were granted, signaling an end to their high school careers. That is, if valedictorian Julia Boyd has anything to say about it.

“I know some of you are too busy posting silly cap and gown photos on Instagram to pay attention to this speech, but I suggest you do because I have some wise words for you,” she advised. “Don’t close up your smart phone, though. I want you to post this speech on Vine. And hashtag my name on Twitter. Do it. Now.”

The comical words were among the highlights of Saturday’s commencement for Boyd and her fellow 24 classmates. The ceremony, the 92nd in the school’s history, was the first to be held in the spacious gymnasium which was completed a year ago thanks to the generous support of the community. And in like past years, the community showed up in droves to wish their graduates well.

“Today we celebrate the hard work and dreams of these young individuals,” Principal Glenda Butterfield-Boldig said. “Today is a day of pride where we witness the amazing young men and women they have become.”

Rev. Marvin Kindle, who offered the invocation, followed suit in his congratulations.

“You worked hard and finally made it to this day,” he said.

Salutatorian Samantha Wickersheim returned the gratitude.

“On behalf of the Class of 2014, I would like to thank each person here today for their endless support throughout our education,” she said. “Parents and teachers, thank you for guiding us down the right path and pushing us to succeed. Without you, we would not be the people we are today.”

Class president Travis Kizirian spoke on the advantages that a small school brings, stressing that “although one may think the opportunities are limited, they really aren’t.”

“White Lake School is something worth being a part of. I have enjoyed the benefit of being in a small school and a close community,” he said, noting the superb academic offerings, small class numbers as well as the ability to volunteer within the community in which they live.

Participation in extra-curricular activities are also among the highlights.

“You can participate in any activity you wish,” he added. “Not only may you join many sports teams of your choosing, you are encouraged to do so free of charge by some of the best coaches in the area.”

Along with the traditional senior side show and a presentation of flowers to parents, senior choir members performed two heart-felt selections, “All My Tomorrows” and “Candle on the Water” prior to the awarding of diplomas by school board members.

“We’re here to celebrate the final chapter of high school,” Wickersheim said. “Today is where our paths split and each of us go our separate ways. But no matter what, it is up to us to decide what our futures will be and who we will become. This ceremony is just the beginning of a new journey of self-exploration, filled with endless possibilities.”

Boyd provided a more humorous, yet poignant, look at the future.

“Life is always surprising, sometimes funny, sometimes annoying, sometimes rude and sometimes scary. But you get over it,” she said, stressing that the little things — from “Twitter Wars” to reality TV to getting a bad grade to being dumped by boy or girlfriend are too trivial to worry about.

“Life is too short for most of the crap you will face trying to live it, and telling you that the world is your oyster, or however the cliché goes, isn’t fair to you,” she said. “You are smarter than that. You know that life has its ups and downs and all arounds. Just like in high school, you will have your good days and bad days.

“The only thing you need to remember is when something in life has you feeling less than stellar, say it with me, ‘get over it’,” she said. “In fact, hashtag that. Let’s see if we can get it trending by the end of the night.”

Along with the three senior speakers, members of the graduating class include:

Kimberly Boyd, Angel Budd, Justin Dehne, Cassandra Deisinger, Janice Fronek, Maranda Gartman, Dillion Gollihue, Brian Greengrass, Travis Guy, Brandon Helmer, Rebecca Holbrook, Hunter Hughes, Benjamin Johnson, Alex Kegley, Dylan Korvela, Joseph Kubacki, Tyler Lyon, Zachary Mabry, Emily Popelka, Brandon Rea, Jonathan Schultz, and Desiree Wilkinson.

Several of those students were recipients of over $19,000 in scholarships. They were as follows:

Julia Boyd — Antigo Co-Op Oil; Maule Family Scholarship; McCaslin Lions Self-Improvement; Mutual of Wausau; Clyde & Ethel Ramer & Family Memorial; Elwyn Remington Foundation; UW-Stevens Point; Wisconsin Academic of Excellence.

Angel Budd — Community Association of Retirees; Elwyn Remington Foundation; White Lake Market; White Lake STAR (Students, Teachers, Activities, Resources);

Cassie Deisinger — American Legion Post 524; Laker Athlete Scholarship;

Maranda Gartman — White Lake STAR (Students, Teachers, Activities, Resources).

Brandon Helmer — White Lake Market;

Alexandria Kegley — Antigo Junior Women’s Club; Laker Athlete Scholarship; McCaslin Lioness; New Hope Community Church.

Travis Kizirian — Antigo Co-op Oil.

Joe Kubacki — Laker Athlete Scholarship; Elwyn Remington Foundation; White Lake STAR (Students, Teachers, Activities, Resources);

Zachary Mabry — Laker Athlete Scholarship;

Samantha Wickersheim — American Legion Auxiliary Post 524; Hope Presbyterian Church; Laker Athlete Scholarship.

The 2014 graduating class at White Lake.
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