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Antigo Little League will kick off its 56th season, opening ceremony set for Saturday
Another year of Antigo Little League baseball will be kicked off on Saturday.

The opening ceremony will begin at 11:30 a.m. at Little League Park located off Langlade Road and will include a tribute to teams, coaches, parents and volunteers in the programís 56th year.

The Antigo Red Robin will throw out the first pitch before players hit the dirt and battle it out on the field. The event will also include a recitation of the Little League pledge and the singing of the National Anthem by Hannah Smith.

Like past years, the league is split between two divisions ó the Minors and Majors. Coaches and players will be introduced prior to play.

All eight teams will play on Saturday starting at 12:30 and 2:30 p.m.

At Little League Park, the Parsons Lugnuts will challenge the Waukesha Bearings Mudhens followed by matchup between the CoVantage Brewers and the Absolute Realtors Orioles.

At neighboring Lake Park, the Shoppers Scrappers will play the 40 et 8 Box Cars followed by the Aspirus General Clinic Rockies versus Neveís Athletics.

A list of coaches and team rosters follows:


Parsons Lugnuts

Coach Luke Kolz

Conner Kolz, Henry Berger, Casey Smith, Brady Vande Weerd, Jack Hilger, Alexander Aguilar Martinez, Jacob Peterson, Marvin Duchac, Kyle Wendt, Roland Jenkins, Nathan Kolz Moreno, Kias Washatko, Gavin Crum.

40 et 8 Box Cars

Coach Caleb McPhail

Malik Brisby, Mason Gray, Riley Tews, Weslyn Ebel, Joe Volpentesta, Simon McPhail, Gabriel Fittante, Hailey Warren, Sam Bretl, Zach Zupon, Alex Samolinski, Connor Cornelius.

Waukesha Bearings Mudhens

Coach Scott Walbeck

JT Hockers, Kyle Fischer, Trevin Walbeck, Garrett Husnick, Hunter Aiuppy, Peyton Skaggs, Ryan Zima, Zach Roth, Dane Fredrickson, John Slowick, Logan Bidwell, Reed Kuenzli, Robby Hagerty.

The Shoppers Scrappers

Coach Kevin Schedlbauer

Calvin Jansen, Logan Wilhelm, Luke Quinlan, Ty Kohler, Benjamin Robrecht, Cordell Umland, Trevor Tarras, Cole Umland, Jacob Meister, Karl Busse, Max Busse, Nicholas Wild, Devin Pool, Austin Schedlbauer.


Neveís Athletics

Coach Tim Fleischman

Ben Tincher, Sam Kramer, Eli Fleischman, Chris Breitenfeldt, Tyler Schroepfer, Isaak Hall, Fernando Flores Martinez, Neil Bretl, Carl Walker, Dakota Matucheski.

Absolute Realors Orioles

Coach Lon Ebel

Kaden Steckbauer, Lennon Ebel, Cole Musolff, Elliott Orgeman, Nevin Cornelius, Thomas Verzal, Keagan Markusen, Brett Witman, Kalib Merchant.

CoVantage Brewers

Coach Andy Krueger

Logan Thomae, Kaleb Jaje, Brett Farmer, Jaren Meinert, Chris Krueger, Frank Volpentesta, Alex Fritsch, William Kubeny, Sam Hoffman, Race Gunderson.

Aspirus General Clinic Rockies

Coach Greg Renfro

Jordon Arrowood, Noah Fittante, Nicholas Roller, Brady Renfro, Mason Burkhart, Caleb Kautza, Joseph Bartletti, Isaac Wickersheim, Daniel Ison, Jordon Green.


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Fax: 715-623-4193
Mail to: Fred Berner
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