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Bits and Pieces for March 15
Our plans continue to be refined for the online Antigo Daily Journal launch during the past week.

We are working on setting the prices and making decisions on just how the system will work.

It is moving ahead, and the papers are put in a folder daily, building a searchable archive once we get rolling.

More details will be around soon.


This has been a great week to be a newspaper editor and reader.

There are a few stories that carry intrigue and spark interest with me, and I think I知 a pretty good judge.


That plane and its 239 passengers and crew are still missing and the subject of often wild speculation of what might have happened

When I tuned in my office desk radio early Tuesday morning, the discussion topic on Coast to Coast centered on that plane.

The show, created decades ago by Art Bell, is known for its treatment of unusual subjects including aliens, UFOs, paranormal events and just about any other bizarre topic you can conjure up.

Some of that wacky stuff has faded since Art retired, but some mornings it can be pretty strange.

On Tuesday, the discussion of what could have happened to the plane was quite interesting.

Only once was it suggested that an extraterrestrial spaceship may have swooped down and kidnapped the plane and its passengers. But that passed quickly.

Whatever occurred, it likely has been a tragedy for those 239 souls aboard. But since George Noory discussed it Tuesday morning, it has become a favorite topic of writers and radio and TV commentators.


The other thriller to watch late this winter and spring is the murder plot tale from neighboring Marathon County.

It becomes more interesting because the woman charged is a resident of Merrill, just a hop, skip and jump to the west of Antigo.

The alleged target of her plan was a boyfriend, an attorney who practiced in Wausau and Merrill and has been in the Langlade County courtroom.


If those factors didn稚 bring the case close enough, Langlade County痴 District Attorney, Ralph Uttke, has been named the special prosecutor because the alleged victim has ties to the Marathon County court system, where the charges are filed.

Apparently it痴 not just me showing an interest in this case.

I知 told from a pretty good source that national television programs are nosing around eyeballing the case.

On Thursday, Uttke argued to maintain the woman痴 $250,000 bond, and Judge Ann Knox-Bauer from Taylor County, who has been assigned the case, agreed. As far as I know, she remains behind bars in Wausau.

We will certainly be keeping our eye on this situation.


It is only fair to mention that I love mysteries and spend far too many hours reading, with the television and movies, all with the same subject.

I have Charlie Chan movies, a collection of 溺urder She Wrote shows and the first year of the 撤erry Mason TV series back from the 1950s.

Among the additional treasures are the 典hin Man motion pictures from 1934 to 1947 with Richard Powell and Myrna Loy.


Those films had an ability to mix plenty of humor, a bit of romance, a great dog, Asta, and at least a little mystery.

Some place among my books is a collection of Rex Stout mysteries, too. He wrote the adventures of Archie Goodwin and Nero Wolfe, and was considered one of the finest mystery writers during the earlier decades of the Twentieth Century.

I keep trying to tell myself I知 not a single subject guy.


Friends and I are planning to go to the 25th St. Patrick痴 Day parade at Pickerel today.

It痴 always a good time, you see a ton of people, dine on corned beef and cabbage at the Country Inn which is always very good and listen to a touch of entertainment.

One of the guys I致e seen for years, Jerry Schuh, who operated Schuh痴 Sportsman痴 Lodge on Pickerel Lake, died just over a week ago.


He was ailing a bit in the past year or two, but before that, his place was the site of all sorts of fun, including the February swim in Pickerel Lake.

That痴 an event that draws thousands of people to the lake痴 shore next to the lodge.

Just thinking about the parades, the winter jump-in and a few summertime miniature golf games at his lodge brings a smile or two.

The parade starts at about noon at Highway 55 and DD in downtown Pickerel.


I did make it to the 撤eabody & Sherman movie last Saturday evening, and as anticipated, it was pretty foolish.

Like the 典hin Man movies, there was no deep meaning to this cartoon picture. But it was good clean fun.

We shared popcorn, and polished it off before the credits rolled up.

I still haven稚 trotted out the 1960s 迭ocky & Bullwinkle video tapes tucked away for a little review.

Peabody was a fixture on just about all of those shows.


I haven稚 written about our new production equipment for weeks, and I知 pleased to report, it is working well. There are always misgivings when changes like that are made, and this was a substantial one.

There is a chance we are even getting comfortable with the system.


While everything is working well in that department, we are running short of newspaper carriers. It seems strange, because now it is warming up, so our guys and gals won稚 be out there facing that biting cold.

If you are dependable and over 12 years old, stop in or give us a buzz and get on a list.

We currently have no routes open, but as recently as two weeks ago, there were seven.


I love to attend auctions, especially when what is on the block is intriguing.

So I got all excited when a notice came along for a North Central Sales auction at 笛ake痴 Pig Palace at Eland.

The first thing I thought was that it was a saloon, dance hall or both.

It was a lesson not to allow names to be confusing, Jake is selling 70 head of high- quality show pigs and feeders. I知 not in the market for show pigs, but it did spark a few laughs.


Have a great weekend.

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Fax: 715-623-4193
Mail to: Fred Berner
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