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School board to eye study that sees big spending on aging rural facilities
The Antigo school board Tuesday will get its initial look at a study that suggests upwards of $10 million will need to be spent to bring district facilities up to standards.

The panel, which has suspended its committee structure in favor of dealing with all issues at the full-board level, will convene at 7 p.m. in the media tech room located on the second floor of the high school.

The agenda is packed.

Leading discussion will be a review of the preliminary building study for the school district, which was completed by representatives from Cooperative Educational Service Agency No. 10 Facilities Management Department. The district had commissioned the report in November at a cost of up to $35,573.

The 16-page executive summary, which will be followed up with a larger, more extensive document, noted than Antigo is different from other Wisconsin districts because it continues to operate seven, small elementary schools.

“The small size, large number and at least 50 year age of all elementary sites create challenges from facility maintenance, staffing and transportation perspectives,” the summary notes.

While the schools have been scrupulously maintained, the report notes that a large percentage of equipment, fixtures and materials are past expected useful life, requiring either major renovations or new construction.

The report indicates that renovations of the seven elementary schools to address years of deferred maintenance as well as upgrades and improvements “would likely necessitate spending over the next five years estimated at $10 million.”

Construction of a new, central elementary school now carries a estimated price tag of $25.6 million, the report states.

“Presumably though, this new school would not only be safer, more efficient and require significantly less maintenance, but would also meet the changing educational needs of the district for many years into the future,” the report reads.

The complete report will provide a prioritized list of facility needs and projects flexible enough to provide value to the district and board. The “top ten” list includes air handling equipment at West, East, North and Pleasant View; classroom floors at East and Crestwood; corridor floors at the Middle School and Crestwood; a parking lot at North; and a roof at Mattoon.

In other business, the board may take action on a petition from Kevin R. Alsteen, N5075 County Line Rd, Gleason, seeking to altar school district boundaries.

Alsteen is seeking to detach his property from the Merrill school district and join Antigo.

The Merrill school board rejected the request on a 7-2 vote on Feb. 10.

The board has also scheduled review and action on a long list of policy revisions, led by changes to the procedure to fill school board vacancies.

The split board has been stymied in efforts to fill its ninth chair, open since the resignation of Dr. Karl Niedermann last fall despite a wide field of candidates who have expressed interest. The seat will remain empty until the spring election.

Other polices up for revisions deal with student dress code, immunizations, communicable diseases, accident and illness and medication and treatment.

In fiscal matters, the board is expected to accept bids for the installation of new air handling units at the Clara R. McKenna Aquatic Center and proposals under the E-Rate federal grant program for Website developing and hosting.

A long list of retirements will also be reviewed. They include:

—Donna Ballschmieder, grade two at North Elementary.

—Catherine Cain, high school art.

—Judy Dahms, grade three at North.

—Cindy Erickson, special education at West.

—Mary Fittante, grade two at West.

—Mary Jarek, speech and language clinician.

—Paula Krueger, Pleasant View grade one.

—Janet Lawton, elementary art.

—Greg Parise, high school guidance counselor.

—Kay Parise, Spring Valley fifth grade.

—Diane Weberpal, West grade one.

—and Tim Fischer, Crestwood grade five.

The board will also:

—receive an update on second quarter academic progress.

—review guidelines for the Chromebook pilot program at the high school, which supplies all students with the devices for access to various educational tools.

—and act on a plan to allow students to earn a third science credit if they complete intro to agriscience, dairy science or animal science.

The agenda will conclude with an update on the 2014-15 budget and discussion and possible action on the district’s vision statement.

Following the open session, the board will reconvene in executive session to discuss bargaining base wages. Action, if any, will be announced at the conclusion of the evening.

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