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A Sample of Peeps at Our Past

November 25, 1938

A fireman from Sheboygan, Elmer Storbeck, had some bad luck in Antigo this weekend. He had stopped at the Standard Oil Co. station at Fifth Avenue and Edison Street for gasoline and while the car was being filled, lit a cigar and tossed the match on the ground. It landed in a puddle of spilled gas and a blaze started. The Antigo firemen came and pushed the car away from the fuel, but when Storbeck headed north to hunt, the rear of his vehicle was badly damaged.

With so many in the woods, fire danger woes are being raised in Oconto, Marinette and Langlade counties. Some problems blamed on hunters have already broken out in Marinette County and the local situation is being watched very closely. 

There were 10 deaths in the state on the opening weekend of the season, several of them by gunshot. One of the victims, Ervin Kreger, 16, of Aniwa, died when his gun discharged while he was jumping from one dry spot to another along the Eau Claire River not far from his home.

Earl Meyers, his hunting companion, said the two were crossing the river on the George Damitz farm when the tragedy occurred. The shot discharged into his chest and heart.

The specifications for work on Highway 64 in the area from Mountain to Pound are drawn for reallocations and improvements in a road that will be an important cross-state link passing through Antigo as Highway 64. 

Mickey Rooney and Spencer Tracy are starring in the heart-warming story, “Boys’ Town” at the Palace Theater.

The fire department made two runs in the past day, one for a fire in a wall at the Lloyd Duernberger home at 503 Virginia St., where a bucket of water solved the problem. An automobile fire caused by spilled radiator alcohol from a vehicle owned by Mrs. Alvin Fleischman sparked the other problem. It was cared for with the use of chemicals.


November 25, 1963

The news during the past week has been stunning and tragic. And that trend certainly continues.

Today millions and millions of people around the world said farewell to John F. Kennedy, who was shot as the presidential motorcade moved through the streets of Dallas. The final service for him was held today and the emotional burial held in Arlington National Cemetery.

A front-page picture shows a man, Jack Ruby with a gun shooting Lee Harvey Oswald, the lone suspect in the assassination of Kennedy. The story about murder of Oswald in police custody is lost in the flurry about Kennedy, his death and the services. (Little did people know or suspect that Oswald’s death was the spark that was needed to launch the conspiracy discussions that continue today.)

An editorial by the Antigo Daily Journal writers is printed on the front page, as is the newspaper policy with important issues. It is an eloquent piece of writing and while noting that the Kennedy term was not without its problems, he brought a dedicated spirit to the office and nation, and it was never doubted. (That editorial is printed just above the Peeps column on this page.)

Adin Reynolds, who heads the Reynolds sugar bush in Aniwa, has been named as vice-president of the National Maple Syrup Council at its annual meeting held in Cooperstown, N.Y. The Reynolds operation is the largest maple production plant in the world and has boosted the industry across Wisconsin as well as neighboring states.

A 28-year-old Elton man is in the hospital being treated for a broken jaw and severe facial and leg injuries after his car went off Highway 64 and crashed. It went 345 feet down a ditch before hitting a driveway and flying into the air for 81 feet.


November 25, 1988

Now that Thanksgiving is over, thoughts are turning to Christmas including where to get that perfect evergreen. Area growers have already completed most of their harvest with many of the local spruces already heading to southern destinations.

Frisch Greenhouses doesn’t have trees but they do have fresh wreaths, roping and boughs of various types. Wreaths are priced as low as $9.95 with roping going for 40 cents a foot.

True Value Hardware Store has a couple of Christmas present ideas. A Brother brand electronic typewriter is priced at $169.99. For a little bit more, purchase a word processing typewriter for $299.99.

Among the other advertisements is one for travelers courtesy of the Northern Host Motor Inn in Iron Mountain, Mich. For $50, get a room and two free tickets to a concert next week featuring Nashville country music stars Becky Hobbs and Jim Glaser.

Elaine Koehn took top billing on the evening bowling scene in firing a 584 series at North Star Lanes. For the men, Jerry Maszk led the crowd with a 644 triple.

There’s a photo today of the cast of “Peace Child,” the latest production of the Antigo Community Theater which will take the stage this weekend at the Palace Theater. Among its members are Jenny Artz, T.J. Kennedy, Shane Cigel, Andree Knuth, Sarah Bradley, Jeremy Doucette and Erin Turney, to name a few.


November 25, 2003

Miserable weather greeted hunters over the weekend with a mix of rain and freezing rain which at times switched from falling straight down to sideways amid brisk winds. It doesn’t appear to be getting any better. Yesterday’s high reached a mild 43 degrees but at noon today, the mercury had only risen to 14.

Despite the weather, DNR officials said the local deer harvest was fairly solid with 1,722 animals taken over the first two days. That registers at 1,002 bucks and 720 antlerless deer.

There’s a photo today of the Antigo High School boys basketball team which is under the leadership this year of first year coach Brian Margelofsky. Among the names on the roster are Taylor Tauer, Karl Parsons, Alex Cernoch, Aaron Hose, Ted Kohler and Kelly Kretz, to name a few.

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