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Bits and Pieces for Oct. 5
I get to Wittenberg every now and again, we do business with the Nueske family for their advertising.

It is a very interesting place. There is a thriving arts community, a stunning new supermarket has been constructed, and so has a Dollar General Store.

It is a busy place, and one of the reasons is likely the Nueske operations, which hire a big crew. They keep those stores fired up.


I was there to take a picture for the 80th anniversary celebration of the firm this weekend, and being part of a family business that has been around for 108 years, I certainly understand how important those celebrations are.

I took a picture and worked on a little story about the Nueske operation and the party.

In fact, if you move quickly, there are camel andhelicopter rides and plenty more to see and do at the firm痴 retail store east of downtown Wittenberg.


Just head east on what was Highway 45 until the bypass was constructed. Pass over the rush on Highway 29, and there it is on the left.

How could you miss a place offering camel rides?


The advertised special this week in the Journal was a very good deal on a pound of Applewood Smoked Bacon, the firm痴 trademark product. I used it as a prop in the newspaper picture, and there is a pound in my refrigerator.

I also bought a tube of frozen corned beef hash, which when eaten with eggs and other breakfast trimmings, is tremendous.


My nephew Russ Ross introduced me to that treat, and others from Nueske痴, earlier this year. He loves to shop there I like what he buys.


It has been a decade or more since the state of Wisconsin, facing a budget problem, closed most of the waysides. We had a few on the closing list and I know of four did make it to one degree or another.

There are two in that group that continue to be waysides, one that we致e always called Military Park along Highway 55 and the other on Otter Lake just north of Elcho.


I visited Military Park this week, and it was closed. So I took a chance and walked in.

It is a stunning place friends and I have enjoyed. We致e had picnics and I fished, with the Wolf River right there and I mean right there.

The wayside in the town of Upham is used as a site for trash and recyclable disposal. At least it is being used.

The third is south of Antigo on Highway 45 just north of Highway 47 about three milesfromf town.

It was bought by an Antigo family who takes pride and care of it in stunning fashion. The lawn is mowed, it is a beautiful addition to the south side of our community. And it is clearly marked as 田losed.

To me it looks like a great site for a home.

Years back it was always attractive, well kept and busy. There were even tales of some romance going on, hard as it is to believe.

The Elcho wayside at Otter Lake is open and welcomes visitors and picnickers It is a well-kept and beautiful spot on the north side of the lake.


The reason this came up this week comes from the outing to Nueske痴. There was a very attractive wayside north of Wittenberg on Highway 45 until the closings were announced.

By Monday, I noticed that bad things happened. No one took it over, and the grass has never been cut, the fence that notified visitors that it was not open now appeared to be gone, and it is a tremendous eyesore.

In Langlade County, our major waysides survived. While not all working as tourist or romance magnets, they are useful and attractive.


I have another upbeat picnic story.

A fund-raising campaign is going on at Bass Lake in the town of Upham. The money is being used to cut the downed trees that fell during a storm during the summer of 2011.

Unusual winds battered the trees at my mother痴 cottage, with nearly three dozen lost before the counting was done. Some of those trees had been around a lot longer than I they were giants.


It was much the same at the home of Dick and Mary Hilger, where the landscape of their lot was basically cleared of its stately timber.

It was close, but most important, no one was hurt.


It took a few days before I either was told or noticed that the island in the lake had been hit, too, and there were hundreds of trees down.

It was a mess.

The island is a special place. The Porter family has owned it for about 25 years. There is a plaque on the island that designates its name as the O.C. Baures Island for an earlier owner.

The Porters have erected a dock and cleared the trails for people to walk.

There is a fire pit, wood to burn and even the cooking utensils for hot dogs and burgers.

A place to camp is even provided. It offers privacy that is difficult to explain there you are on the island with boats and people only dozens of yards away. And you are tremendously alone.

The Porters and their friends decided it was time to get this great place back into shape.

It will take three cuttings of timber with the first of the major projects sponsored by a lake resident. Mary Hilger is raising the funds for the second and third cuttings before winter arrives.

Seeing what the Porters do for everyone, their friends and people on the lake will help fund this project.

All are welcome to visit the island, Bass Lake resident, or not. The requirement is that you leave things as nice, or better than you found them. Of course, you need a boat.

For donations, you can reach Mary at 715-627-2056.


How about a change of pace?

When I was a kid, Antigo was a stop on tours of unusual things. My father and I visited a trailer at Clermont Street and Fifth Avenue, he paid the admission and we saw Adolph Hitler痴 car. That was long before I understood who and what Hitler was, but I still remembered the car when I did.

A submarine from World War II was even brought here for a public showing after World War II, I missed that.

Gene Schlundt sent an article, 鼎ar Trivia, and it reminded me of the old Hitler car tour.

It was about Al Capone痴 car.

Here痴 the tale: In the hours after the Pearl Harbor attack, the Secret Service was in a bind. The president was to deliver his 泥ay of Infamy speech to lawmakers, and it involved a trip from the White House to Capitol Hill. It痴 short outing, but there was no way to transport him with security in what was a tense and risky time.

At that time, there was a federal law prohibiting the purchase of car costing more than $750 for the president, and that does not buy much of a vehicle, yet alone something with security.

One member of the Secret Service staff recalled that Treasury had seized Al Capone痴 big Cadillac 341 sedan back in 1928 and the bullet-protected car was in storage.

They found it fast, made sure it ran, cleaned it up and it was the president痴 secure vehicle in December, 1941 for that famous outing.

What a great little story.


A few more little things:

75 years ago there was a Thursday night football game and the 鉄econd Guessers football group in town wanted a big turnout at Athletic Park.

Members went to the Palace and Home theaters and got them closed and did the same at drug stores, where teens might hang out at the soda fountains. They did the same at the bowling establishments.

There was a heck of a crowd as Antigo creamed Merrill.

the Green Bay Diocese is marking 鼎elebrate Priesthood Sunday on Oct. 27, when members of the faith are asked to offer thanks to their priests.

The posters and I expect ads promoting it feature five pictures, including one of Rev. Charles Hoffmann of Antigo.

He痴 easy to thank him for what he has done for our community.


Have a great, but probably soggy weekend.
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