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Dave Cooper, Roger Fleischman top dads
Dave Cooper and Roger Fleischman are top dads in the eyes of their children and the Antigo/Langlade County Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors Club.

Cooper was the winner in the kindergarten through grade five division of the chamberís annual contest, chosen on the basis of a letter written by daughter, Kelly, who said he has ďthe richest heart.Ē Fleischman was selected in the grades six to 12 division, with daughter Amber, who called him ďthe best dad in the world.Ē

As the top dads, Cooper and Fleischman will receive an array of prizes donated by area merchants. The list includes:

Brickner's of Antigo & RV Center, oil and filter change; CoVantage Credit Union, lawn chair; Frisch Greenhouses, floral planter; Waukesha Bearings, camo hat

Culver's of Antigo, value basket and sundae gift certificates; Peroutka's Sausage Shop, gift certificate; Country Kitchen, gift certificate;

Quinlan's Equipment, free oil change certificate; Kwik Trip, gift card; Antigo Dental Clinic, gift certificate; Cornerstone Chiropractic, 30-minute massage certificate; Zelazoski Wood Products, Corey Hart Rockbat, Lakeside Market, gift certificate; Northcentral Technical College, mechanical pencils.

Runners-up for the top prizes were Jerry DeWan in the younger age group, with the letter written by his daughter, Graciana, and Paul Jones, in grade six to 12, with the letter written by his son, Joshua.

They will each receive:

Northcentral Technical College, mechanical pencil; CoVantage Credit Union, blanket; Frisch Greenhouses, floral planter; Waukesha Bearings, camo hat; Culver's of Antigo, sundae gift certificate; Kwik Trip, gift certificate; Cornerstone Chiropractic, 30-minute massage certificate; Antigo Dental Clinic, gift certificate; Quinlan's Equipment, free oil change.

The top letters follow:

K-5 First Place

Dave Cooper

Written By Kelly Cooper

40 reasons why my Dad is best!

Why my dad is the best! My dad is not the richest man in Wisconsin but he has the richest heart. Here are the reasons why my dad is the best. Reason #1: He loves God very, very, very, very much. Reason #2: He lets me come to his work (He works at CoVantage). Reason #3: He was my volleyball coach. Reason#4: He lets me get candy at the store. Yum! Reason #5: I went on my first roller coaster with him. Reason #6: He plays dolls with me but heís not the best at that. Reason #7: We make cakes and cupcakes, they are very good. Reason #8: He speaks a little Spanish. Reason #9: He makes up fun games. Reason #10: If you put my dad in a crowd you can hear his laugh. Reason #11: He gives good advice. Reason #12: He will take care of you if you are hurt. Reason #13: Sometimes he jumps on the trampoline and I go way too high. Reason #14: He looks like Iron Man, LOL. Reason #15: He doesnít swear. Reason #16: He draws the best in the family. Reason #17: Heís a good listener. Reason #18: He can keep a secret really well. Reason #19: He likes flowers and likes to plant them. Reason #20: He encourages me. Reason #21: Heís a good husband. Reason #22: He makes up cool nicknames. Reason #23: Heís nice to people he doesnít know. Reason #24: He makes the best salsa in the world. Reason #25: Heís really good at sports. Reason #26: He takes me on father and daughter dates. Reason #27: Heís a good boss. Reason #28: He doesnít complain about food. Reason #29: He protects me from my brothers and boys. Reason #30: Heís really good at making omelets. Reason #31: He can play Frisbee Golf. Reason #32: He says Iím beautiful. Reason #33: He takes us on family vacations. Reason #34: He works hard. Reason #35: Heís very smart. Reason #36: He can handle spicy food. Reason #37: Heís a great youth leader. Reason #38: He volunteers at the Silver Birch Ranch. Reason #39: He supports me in everything I do. Reason #40: He Loves ME!! That is why I think my dad is the best!

6-12 First Place

Roger Fleischman

Written by Amber Fleischman

My father, Roger Fleischman, is one of a kind. He has a very important job. He is super sweet and nice. He can be very funny sometimes. My father is one of the most amazing dads, anyone can have.

My father cares about everyone and everything. He helps whoever or whatever needs help. He makes sure everyone is happy. He takes very good care of his machinery. He makes sure they work and look awesome. He does his best to keep everything working. My father takes very good care of me and my family.

My dad is awesome. He likes to joke around with me a lot. He plays games with me and sometimes cheats but thatís another reason I love him so much. He scares me a lot but I think it is fun and funny. He is so much fun to be around.

His job is a Potato Farmer. He works very hard everyday. He loves his job even though it can be hard sometimes. He always gets through the struggles and never gives up. My dad loves his job very much.

My dad is amazing. He has an awesome job. He is super fun. He cares for everything. My father is the best dad in the world.

K-5 Second Place

Jerry DeWan

Written by Graciana DeWan

My dad is the best dad because he always encourages me to try new things and is always there for me. He is always joking around and having fun. My dad helps me with my homework. He coached my volleyball team this year. My dad works at DeWan Audio across from Dairy Queen. He works very hard every day. My dad is always in a good mood. Also he makes the best out of everything. My dad always tells me to make my own choices. I love my dad more than anything in the universe! My dad is always a great listener. My dad always picks us up from school and other places. My dad took my family to Wisconsin Dells camping for a week and we went to tons of different places. He thinks it is great that Iím in lots of sports. He protects me and helps me when Iím scared. Anytime I need help heís there to help me. Thatís why my dad should be Father of Year!

6-12 Second Place

Paul Jones

Written by Joshua Jones

My dad is the Father of the Year. He can get excited while playing inside and out. My dad is helpful, like a bear protecting his bear cubs. Cooper (little brother) and I get to bond with our dad. Our dadís always a fantastic helper and father.

My dad can get excited while playing inside and out. Paul Jones can pass the ball to me while we are playing catch. On the Wii, my dad is master at games. When I used wrestle with my dad it was fun and when my brother, Cooper, gets older he is going to wrestle with him, too. He is the master with games everyday and everywhere.

My dad is helpful like a bear protecting his bear cubs. My brother, Cooper, always gets dad to burp, feed and change him. My dad helps me with my homework and my knowledge. When my dad makes lunch or supper, the food has a good aroma. Paul Jones helps with the family all day, everyday.

Paul Jones can cluster the family together all day. Outside, my dad and I start a fire on weekends. At the cabin, my dad and I do fishing and stuff. At night, Cooper, dad and I watch movies together on weekends. My dad can bring the family together for a family night.

My dad is great, nice, awesome and bland father. Paul Jones is silly at playing with Cooper and I. He is careful with Cooper around the house. Paul Jones is always bonding with Cooper and I. He is the best father in the world.


From left, Joshua Jones and his dad, Paul Jones, holding Cooper, Roger Fleischman with daughter Amber, David Cooper with daughter Kelly, and Jerry DeWan holding his daughter, Maycie, who he said was a stand-in for daughter Gracie, the letter writer, could not be present.
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